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Seminar Hohenheim: Regionality - the solution to everything?

28.04.2017 - 05.05.2018

"Regionality" is currently the second biggest trend in the food sector right after organic production and therefore also an excellent selling point.


At our seminar, which will take place in the beautiful region of Allgäu, we want to find out if regionality is indeed the solution to everything.


 This region in southern Germany, which covers parts of Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg, is well known for its farm produce, especially dairy products.

We are planning to give you a broad impression of agriculture in the Allgäu:

Whether it is rather traditional cheese making, modern dairy farming, new innovative technologies in food packaging or tractor technologies by Fendt or even ostrich farming.


As the Alps are very near to our residence, we will also go on a little mountain hike with amazing views.


Besides our excursions and farm/company visits, we will have discussions on regional development and its possibilities and borders. This will also be the part where you will be able to take the initiative and give a little presentation, which you will prepare at home and hopefully bring with you to present.


If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us:


As our event is getting closer, we will keep you up to date. 


We are looking forward to welcoming you in Germany and spending an awesome week with you!


Preparation Document 2018
Please have a look at our preparation document.
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What to bring...

·          • Passport / Identity card

  • Visa [if needed]  
  • Travel documents
  • Money [€  -  Euro]
  • Sleeping bag
  • Walking shoes
  • Cloths for every weather
  • Sun blocker
  • Towel
  • Little backpack/bag for      .....excursions
  • Camera
  • Water bottle [tap water 100%]

  • Adapter/Voltage converter


  For the trade fair (once per


  • food, drinks

  • flag

  • presentation


Arrival and University of Hohenheim


Dairy farming and Butter workshop


Apples & Spirits 


Mountain Hike


AgriTechnology & Animal Science


Automated dairy farming and Food packaging


Ostrich farming


Departure // City trip Stuttgart // Cannstatter Wasen


Applications allowed per country: As many as you want, but after 3 applications you will be added to a waiting list.

Participation fee: 75 €

In order to make your application valid, you need to transfer 50 € to our bank account after your application. We will send you the instructions by e-mail.

Gratitude to all our Sponsors which enable us to host this event. 

Travel Insurance

We would warmly recommend you to contract a travel insurance.

E.g. check out the travel insurance of: Allianz

(by contracting a travel insurance you can, in most of the cases, save to contract the travel insurance of the airlines which are by far not as good).


This year we will stay in a self-catering house, not far away from the lake Rottachsee (see bellow) and we will make several small trips to different places in this region.

The house is approximately two hour car drive distant from your arrival point in Stuttgart.

It is located in a small village, which is called Petersthal in Bavaria.



Vereins- und Jugendferienhaus Petersthal

Thalstr. 29

87466 Oy-Mittelberg





 * subject to alteration

What's the Trade Fair?

The Trade Fair has a long tradition in IAAS. Each participant brings food and drinks, wears traditional cloth and a flag of his/her home country. After a little presentation the other participants can taste all kind of food and drinks.

IAAS Souvenirs


With the IAAS Germany beer mug you can enjoy our best German beers and we tell you a little secrete: "The beer tastes even better!"


This is the perfect souvenir to buy at our Seminar in Germany.