Application Form (Seminar in Hohenheim)

The Seminar begins on April 28th in Stuttgart Hohenheim and ends on May 5th 2018.
Two to three participants per national committee are allowed to participate. If there are more applications, they will be placed on a waiting list.


The application deadline is: End of March 2018

Important information: Due to some unexpected cancellations in the past years you have to transfer a deposit of 50 € in order to validate your application (instructions will follow via e-mail)! After the submission of the 50 € you will get a final confirmation and invitation to the event.


Once again step-by-step:

1. Apply online

2. Get our Pre-Acceptance e-mail with instructions (bank details, this may take several days)

3. Transfer 50 € to our bank account within the payment period

4. By transfering you are accepted and you will get furhter information

5. Pay the rest of the participation fee at our event.

Please complete this application form carefully and correctly. Please take your time to check it!

If you have any further questions do not hesitate to contact us:


For further information go to Seminar '18.