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 Local Director Bonn


I joined IAAS in summer 2017, without knowing what IAAS really means. But since then I learned a lot, made incredible experiences and friends all over the world. I am studying Food Science and it’s super interesting for me to learn more about Agriculture topics, which are not treated in my course of studies. I really appreciate to be part of an international student group. This means for me to get to know many people from different countries and cultures and to learn from each other. I am also super proud to be for 2019 a part of the Regional Board of Europe.





National Exchange Coordinator


I joined IAAS just recently. I'm studying Agricultural Science since summer 2015 and now I got the opportunity to see and hear more about agriculture and its influences all over the world. It's nice to be involved; to do other tasks in my field of interest next to university.


Moreover, it's a great opportunity to meet new people with the same spirit and to get connected to interesting groups and projects. 





National Director


I am studying Agricultural Sciences (BSc) in Bonn and always wanted to join an organisation to acquire practical experience apart from university. In IAAS I found a perfect way to combine my theoretical studies with exploring agriculture on a global scale. The familIAAS spirit is very special and I already had the fantastic opportunity to experience it on my own. Becoming a member of IAAS has been one of the best decisions I could have made to enrich my study times.








I am in IAAS since my first year of studying Agricultural Science (B.Sc.) at the University of Bonn. I chose to join IAAS, because I like the idea to discover different countries and meet a lot of new people.












I am studying in the M.Sc. Animal Science at the University of Bonn.

After I got in touch with IAAS during my Bachelor in Hohenheim, I became a member of the IAAS Bonn team after I moved from Hohenheim to Bonn.

It is a great experience to work with our team and to make events like our last exchange week possible.

The activities of IAAS give me the great opportunity to learn more about agriculture in different countries and to meet a lot of people all over the world.






 I set in studying Agricultural Science in Bonn in 2015 and a few months later I became IAAS member to enrich my study time with international experience. IAAS gives me the opportunity to introduce own ideas and to meet a lot of interesting people with similar interests in worldwide agriculture!







I am studying Agricultural Science at the University of Bonn.

I joined the IAAS group in my second year of university and I think IAAS is a great opportunity to exchange knowledge and to get to know other students from all over the world. The great events and experiences I was allowed to get through IAAS convinced me to continue.





 After my business studies and my apprenticeship in a tea trading company, I decided to focus more on the primary production side and work closer with the product itself. Therefore, I started my second Bachelor in Agriculture in 2016, because I was looking for new challenges and something to change for myself. The importance of sustainable and well-investigated agricultural production is increasing each and every day. IAAS enables me to get to know the strength and weaknesses of the agricultural business all over the world. The seminars with multicultural students are transferring information and practical knowhow in this friendly and open minded organization.








I am studying Agricultural Science (B.Sc.) in Bonn. I joined our IAAS committee in order to meet new people, international as well as in Bonn, and to get an idea about agriculture in different countries all over the world. 








Studying agriculture in the 4th semester, I'm member of IAAS since my first semester in 2015.

For me gives IAAS the chance to expand my horizon about agriculture in all parts of the world. Moreover, it's fantastic to find new friendships all around the world. Since this semester, I'm managing our urban gardening project. 









Currently I am studying Crop Sciences in the first Master semester.

Since 2013 I am a member of IAAS Germany. Our organization gave me many possibilities to experience different sides of agricultural production as well as to visit different places, to develop my skills and make likeminded friends around the world.








I am part of the IAAS Bonn Team since 2014 when I started my Bachelor in Agricultural Science. Now I am responsible for the Exchange Program. Together with Marion we already made it possible for a few students to do an internship here in Germany. For me the IAAS is the best way to get an impression of agriculture on a global scale and of course it is the source of a lot of international friendships.







Currently I am studying Agricultural and Food Economics (M.Sc.) at the University of Bonn.

I joined the IAAS committee during my Bachelor in 2014.

IAAS is a great opportunity to get in contact with students in agricultural & nutritional sciences from all over the world and therefore a great opportunity to broaden your horizon.

New friendships arise and there is always a lot to laugh about.








I am studying Agricultural Science (B.Sc) in Bonn and joined the IAAS after they had organized a great lecture evening. I like the concept of IAAS that you get to know students of agricultural sciences from all over the world during a seminar or an exchange week. Parallel to the study it is a good opportunity to get some practical experience and knowledge.








I joined IAAS, because I like to meet people from all over the world and to experience their traditions and their ways of life.


I am also fascinated by the idea to exchange with other people about current agricultural topics.






I am in IAAS since my first year of studying Agricultural Science (B.Sc.) and Nature protection & Landscape Ecology (M.Sc.) at the University of Bonn. I love to work for and with our IAAS team, with the students in Bonn as well as international students that you meet at every IAAS event. These events and people offer you a great opportunity to broaden your cultural and agricultural horizon during your studies.












In order to continue my academic career, I enrolled for a degree in Agricultural Science at the University of Bonn, after completing a Bachelor of Sociology in Frankfurt in 2017. In my opinion, IAAS offers the opportunity to get in touch with international students from all over the world and to gain new experiences by participating in scientific excursions. Attending IAAS means being part of an open-minded student organization that greatly enriches college life. In addition, I appreciate our local IAAS garden, where we grow a variety of vegetables and get some change from academic university life.









I became IAAS member in Bonn directly after my start of studying in 2015. At the beginning it was very helpful to have contact to older students who gave tips and tricks for my study. It makes a lot of fun to work with this community. IAAS gives me a great opportunity to keep contact with international students and learn more about other (agri)cultures and myself. It's a cool experience to participate in the different IAAS events and discover agriculture worldwide.











I joined IAAS because I love foreign languages and cultures. I think it’s a good possibility to learn more about your study program and find friends all over the world. I like to travel a lot and at IAAS everybody is welcome to do that.  As agricultural science itself is almost non-practically orientated at the university it is a great opportunity to equalize some skills with IAAS and of course have fun together. Also, it helps to open your mind about important world topics in agriculture which everyone is a part of.







My name is Paula and I’m currently doing the 5th semester of my Agricultural Science degree and specializing on plant science. I come originally from Peru and moved to Germany because I wanted to experience how it is to live abroad. I’ve been a member of IAAS since April 2018 and since then I’ve been able to share a lot of beautiful moments with other students and make new friends from around the world. IAAS is the perfect place for me to continue growing my international experience, and to learn more about topics that interest me