"Mountainous Croatia - potential for sustainable agriculture and development"

IK - The whole group arrived one day before the seminar officially started in Zagreb. This first night in Zagreb we used to get to know each other in the group. The first and the last day we stayed in Zagreb. That was great as we had the opportunity to see the city as well.
The first official day of the seminar we visited the Faculty of Agriculture of our host students. There we listened to an informative presentation of a professor about "agriculture in Croatia in general and the amount of the organic agriculture"
Though, most of the seminar took place  in the mountain-region "Lika". There we visited different organic vegetable-farms, cattle-farms, sheep-farms, cheese production, a lavender-farm, beekeeping, a farm producing medical herbs.

But we didn’t either miss out the Croatian culture and nature. We were in a cave, in a new church for pilgrims, we visited a spring, the coast and we got to know the Croatian food.
Like we heard that the amount of organic agriculture isn't so high, we saw a big diversity of sustainable farms.

The Croatian team started a good discussion about the demand of organic products in the different countries and in different age groups; what are advantage and disadvantages about organic.
In general it was a good mix between agricultural knowledge, culture, nature and fun.

We had a great week with a diverse group of interesting people of many different countries. And everybody made one’s contribution that this week was such a success.

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