IAAS Spain CAP-Seminar 2013

The IAAS Hohenheim has sent two members to participate at the Seminar "The Future of Common Agricultural Policy" (CAP) in Madrid, Spain.

​Sunday and Monday we spent in Villaviciosa de Odon a small town only 15 km from Madrid, where we were accommodated really nice. This was also the place where the traditional Trade Fair was held off.

Over 30 IAAS Members from Belarus, Portugal, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, Iowa (U.S.) and Spain brought delicious typical food and drinks from their own countries and with a IAAS-Harlem Shake an awesome evening was guaranteed.


In Madrid we visited the campus of the Polytechnic University for Agriculture, the Greenhouses of Retiro and many other beautiful places in the city. A unique insight into the Mahou Company and the Ministry of Agriculture was provided.

Also at the Ministry of Agriculture more practical aspects of the CAP were being explaind as well as the effects of the legislation in the agrarian society and the future of the policy.


Different lectures gave answers to questions such as, when CAP was created, how it contributed to the EU binding, which are the main controversial aspects and which are the reforms planned.


To sum up, we were spending a legendary week in "Madrixxx". During the highly informative time we learned many things about the CAP, the EU, got to know Madird and its beautiful places, and met many interessting people from all over the world.


A huge thank you to the IAAS Spain for organising such a good Seminar.


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